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Janda Baik Hulu Langat Endau Rompin Gopeng |  Sedim  Taman Negara

Package Rates


Minimum 2 persons         RM 220.00 per person

4 persons to 9 persons   RM 200.00 per person

Above 10 persons           RM 150.00 per person


Special rates for transfers from Kuala Lumpur at RM500.00 per car  for  4 persons

( maximum ) and RM 500.00 per van  10 persons (maximum) per return transfers. Depart Kuala Lumpur at 0830 hrs.

Duration : Approx. 6 hours (Day Trip)
Departure : 0900 hrs daily
River Grade : 1 to 2

Special Notes:

  1. All participants will be required to sign a Liability Release before departure.

  2. Children above 12 years may participate with parents or legal guardians

  3. Participants must be physically fit.

  4. Jewelry & contact lenses are not advisable.

  5. The company reserves the right to change or cancel should conditions beyond our control render if necessary.

  6. Rates subject to 10% service charge and 4.5% e-commerce charge if payment made by credit card.


Bamboo Rafting Tour Itinerary :


Ready to experience a memorable bamboo-rafting journey along Sungai Langat? 35 km. from city centre of Kuala Lumpur and close to the recreational park of Sungai Congkak in the beautiful surrounding of Hulu Langat.

0930 hrs start with the demonstration of the raft building by Orang Asli. Build your own raft together with your personal guide. Once the raft is ready you can start your Sungai Langat Adventure. After enjoying lunch at the riverbank, proceed with the rafting till app. 1600 hrs 


Journey ends at Pekan Batu 18.


Package includes :

Lunch at the river bank,, life jackets, Orang Asli raft-building demonstration and one professional guide per raft of  2 persons.


What to bring:

Change of clothes, Towel, Shoes, Slippers, Sun block, Insect repellent, Personal toiletries, Waterproof camera (optional).


The following are some points to remember:
  • Bring a change of clothes. A warm-up jacket is also a good idea.
  • Wear well-fitting shoes or diving booties.
  • Jewelries which cannot be secured firmly should not be worn while rafting.
  • Those wearing glasses are reminded to use an elastic sports holder to anchor their spectacles.
  • Contact lens users are advised to wear spectacles instead, in order to cut down the risk of their lenses getting contaminated by river water.

A bamboo raft is a long, clumsy aquatic vehicle and, with four or five people on board, it’s not always easy to manoeuver the beast around the twists and turns of frothing white waters as shallow river rocks rattle its bottom. Adding to the excitement, the rope lashing the raft together can sometimes come apart after too much abrasion with the rocks – that’s when bamboo rafting becomes “life-jacket rafting”.

What do you do if, by sheer happenstance, you are thrown off the raft?

Just as in white-water rafting, you have to float on your back, using your life-jacket, with your feet facing down-river so that you can parry off any rocks or branches that the river brings you up against.

Basically, steering is done – by the two individuals at the front and rear ends of the raft – by sticking bamboo poles into the shallow riverbed and pushing in the right directions. It does take some time to get used to standing on the slippery bamboo, and that’s why sandals or shoes with good grip are essential.

If you don’t get your balance right, you’re liable to tilt the raft and end up falling over yourself!


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  7D 6N

  4D 3N

3D 2N

 14D Janda Baik  

  7D Hulu Langat

 7D My Rainforest Gopeng






         Day Trip


          2D 1N


          3D 2N


 - Janda Baik

 - Murni Camp Gopeng

 - Hulu Langat

 - Endau Rompin

 - Sedim Vista, Sedim Park

 - Taman Negara



 White Water Rafting

    Sedim Recreation Park

    Sungai Itek / Sungai 


    Caving Gua Tempurung

    Water Abseiling Ulu


 4WD Rainforest Adventures

     Janda Baik Bukit Tinggi



 White Water Tubing

     Janda Baik


     Endau Rompin

     Bamboo Rafting

 Paintball Wargames

     Janda Baik





        Day Trip


         2D 1N


         3D 2N


 - Endau Rompin

 - Janda Baik

 - Hulu Langat

 - Gopeng

 - Sedim

 - Taman Negara




2D 1N


3D 2N 


 - Janda Baik

 - My Rainforest Gopeng

 - Hulu Langat

 - Endau Rompin

 - Sedim Recreation Park

 - Taman Negara


2D 1N


3D 2N


4D 3N

 - Summer camps for children  

    ages 7 to 17 years old


3D 2N

 - Endau Rompin Peta, Kahang



 - Janda Baik Laman Kasih

 - My Rainforest Gopeng



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